Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Freakin' Rock Star

A rock star.

Ever feel like you were given innate passions and desires but not the talents to go with them? This is exactly how I feel. My immediate and usual response to this question, every time (hands down) is a rock star. No doubt.
My childhood was filled with my own personal rock concerts, with my stuffed animals as my groupies and most supportive fans, and my bed as the perfect stage to my rock concerts. And where would I have been without my hairbrush microphone? I was a hard-working rock star in training. I memorized all my songs. And I had variety! From Mariah Carey, to Whitney Houstin (who in their right mind could resist The Bodyguard soundtrack!), to Green Day (Basketcase...need I say more?) and Offspring ("gotta keep 'em separated").

And you know how rock stars have to be crazy, right? Well, I possess that kind of crazy. But the thing I lacked, which is apparently very important, is, well, talent. I mean I can sing, but in that country,-bumpkin-sweet-lullabye, kind of way (according to myself of course).

I love the idea of being able to rock your way through life, as an outlet for anything and everything. The passion in being a rock star moves me. Jamming across the piano, strumming the guitar to a broken-hearted song, or just being able to jump up and down, yell, and sing. That would be my dream. My ultimate dream.

In reality, I am a teacher. Now, you may think I've settled for something less, traded my "dream" for a practical life job, or just live my life passion-less. I disagree.

I teach kids every day, and I love it. They are my every day audience, watching me not for entertainment, but for inspiration for their future, for the courage to believe they are smart and capable, and the encouragement to keep going when they feel like they've failed. I get to dream for them, for what they can become. I get to see little victories every day. I get to see them accomplish things they never thought they could. I get to see the change I make in this world, every day. And this makes me feel like a rock star, and not just any rock star, but a FREAKIN' (jumping up and down, sliding across the classroom floor, and yelling) rock star.

Any other freakin' rock stars out there?

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