Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It Is The Music

We all know that there is a song for every mood, every moment, that just captures the emotion and heart that words nor anything else can. I have felt this way my whole life. My father trained his whole young adult life to be a concert pianist. He is probably one of the most passionate men I know, and I admire him greatly for that. He won't do anything that he doesn't love. I hope, and some have told me, that I have inherited this quality from him. To me, there's no point to life, to every day life, if there's no passion in it. I love feeling passionate and I love seeing other people be passionate. So I grew up around a father who was very passionate, about life, about his reason for being in this world, and for music. One of my favorite memories growing up, was when my dad would sit down on the piano and start banging away on the keys. From "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago to "Let it Be" by the Beatles to any one of his classical exploits (that I don't remember), I would dance away in the background as he would rock back and forth with his fingers flying across the keys. Then I would get tired or embarrassed because one of my four obnoxious (but very wonderful) brothers would appear and I wouldn't dare give them another opportunity to tease me, if I could help it. I would sit on the stairs, pretending that I couldn't be seen, and just listen to his music. It was one of those moments, where I felt on the outside looking in, looking in on something magical, something passionate.

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