Friday, December 28, 2012

My Most Brilliant Ideas

Why is it I get my most brilliant ideas at night? And I don’t just mean the evening, I mean night, like midnight to 2 am. It’s just like my brain turns on at night, my writing brain and when I try to turn it on during the day, its not available. I can’t even seem to squeeze one creative thought out during daylight. But at night, when it’s dark, and still, and the stars are covering the sky, and it seems it’s just me, my brain, and the world, all alone. And then all of sudden, thoughts just spark and come alive, from stories to thoughts about blogs, to hilarious moments, to ultra-moving and inspiring quotes. But it’s my bedtime! And I have to sleep because I have to get up the next morning and work with kids for 6 hours (and you definitely need sleep for that!). So, I try my best to fight the urge to creep out of bed, into the still dark living room, turn on my laptop, listen to my latest theme song, and just write away. 

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